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SSB-ERSEM Code download

If you wish to download the ERSEM code please complete your details below to register an account. We will then contact you with instructions detailing how to access the code via GitLab.

Getting started

SSB-ERSEM is currently configured to work in a linux or UNIX environment. Once you have registered with us and gained access to the Gitlab account you will find the documentation under SSB-ERSEM-documentation on the right hand side. Alternatively you can access the links directly (if you are a registered user) here:

Quick start guide (pdf)
Full manual (pdf)

Why do I need to register to access the code?

The SSB-ERSEM software is provided for free under the conditions outlined in the L-GPL licence. In order to guarantee ongoing maintenance, improvement and future development we need to demonstrate the strength and impact of the model through the collection of some basic information from our user base. In addition to this, you will get access to our user mailing list where you can discuss problems and suggestions with the developers and other users and receive information and news on developments.

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