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Dr Icarus Allen
Principal Investigator
Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Icarus Allen has been working as a research scientist at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory for over 17 years, during which he has acquired a broad range of experience both as a marine ecosystem modelling scientist and more recently as a senior manager. Icarus is Head of Science at PML for Today’s Models, Tomorrow’s Futures and is further responsible for the management and delivery of theme 9, next generation ocean models of the NERC Oceans 2025 strategic science programme.

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Dr Rosa Barciela
Principal Investigator
Met Office

Rosa is a scientific manager responsible for research and development of the Met Office's short-range, operational modelling capability in the areas of ecosystems, sediments, acoustics and optics, from the open ocean to the shelf seas, at global and regional scales.

Key activities in this area include the development, implementation, validation, maintenance and improvement of the ocean forecasting modelling systems above, and user-focused applications, including visibility and other biological products, in order to deliver the group's contribution to the Programme and other internal and external stakeholders and established customers...

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Dr Jason Holt
Principal Investigator
National Oceanography Centre

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Dr Johan van der Molen
Principal Investigator